Harvest Fest

Downtown Harvest Fest, October 11-14, 2018


1.  What is Harvest Fest?

  • Harvest Fest celebrates the bounty of the fall harvest with Downtown restaurants showing off their culinary artistry using seasonally inspired ingredients.
  • Our goal is to build on the success of Downtown Dining Week (which runs every March), with the new and exciting food event taking place in the fall. It’s all about drawing more food lovers to the Downtown Dining District!
  • The deadline for applications and menu content is Thursday, September 20th, 2018.

2.  What are the price points for Harvest Fest?

Since this is the first year and a bit of a pilot project, we’re going to let restaurants set their own prices in 2018. You may serve lunch, or dinner, or weekend brunch, or all three during Harvest Fest.

3.  How much does it cost to participate?

Participation is free to all restaurants located within our Downtown borders: From 95 Street to 109/111 Street, and from 97 Avenue to the south side of 105 Avenue.

4.  Do I have to serve multi-course meals?

No. We do encourage restaurants to offer multi-courses for Harvest Fest dinner, but restaurants have the freedom to do as they wish.

5.  What are the expectations of participating restaurants?

  • To create delicious, seasonally inspired meals, using fresh, seasonal ingredients found in the fall.
  • Your menu should be unique to Harvest Fest: that is to say, dishes that are not always on your menu.
  • To assist us with promotion by using our posters, postcards, Twitter, Instagram, and/or Facebook.

6.  Will you create and design menus for us like you do for Downtown Dining Week?

No. Harvest Fest is a smaller event with a much smaller budget, so restaurants will create and print their own menus.

Please note: All participants must use the Harvest Fest Wordmark and logo on their menu (which is coming soon). No exceptions. We will need to see a copy of your printed menu with our collaterals before posting your menu on the Harvest Fest Website.

7.  Can chain restaurants participate?

Yes, but as in Downtown Dining Week, only one location in Edmonton can take part. Your Downtown Harvest Fest menu cannot be promoted at your other locations.

8.  Can we opt out on Saturday or during an event night at Rogers Place, and charge our regular rates?

Sorry, no. Harvest Fest runs Thursday, October 11, to Sunday, October 14. You can opt out on Sunday if your restaurant is not open that day. Otherwise, all participants must take part in all four days.

9.  How will Harvest Fest be promoted?

The DBA will pay for and coordinate an advertising campaign that includes:

  • Print, online, and radio ads.
  • A social media campaign including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • Posters and postcards distributed throughout the Edmonton area.
  • Promotion on our Harvest Fest page on the DBA website, with a link to each restaurant’s website.
  • Promotion at the City Market on Saturday, October 12.

10.  How can I get more info about Harvest Fest 2018?

Contact Katherine Hoy at khoy@edmontondowntown.com, or phone. 780.426.8579.

The deadline for applications is Thursday, September 20, 2018.

Click here for the Harvest Fest 2018 Application Form.