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January 5, 2018
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Staying on Track!

Come January many of us vow to work out more often or drop a few pounds, only to fall back on bad habits. Katherine Hoy talks to two Downtown fitness pros for advice on staying motivated.

Have you ever noticed how full the gyms are in January? We start our January fitness regime with the best of intentions. But we lose interest a month or two down the road.  Two Downtown fitness pros say there are ways to keep your motivation going. Damien Clarke is a Personal Fitness Trainer at the Don Wheaton YMCA. Cotie Guzman is a Personal Trainer who works out of Powerhouse Gym

Damien Clarke
KH: Why do you think so many people lose interest in the gym after a month or two?


The biggest issue is people try to do too much, too quickly. Ideally we would all exercise for 30 minutes, five times a week. But this may be too much for someone who is fresh at the gym. If it became routine to come to the YMCA 2x a week for a class, that would be more attainable

CG: Part of the reason is that they may not have the right motivator giving them the guidance needed to give them the results that they are looking for. Another crucial reason would be that individuals who are new to a fitness/gym setting might not have an idea of what to do or how to bring variety to their exercise regime, so they become uninterested in continuing.

KH: What do you see as the key or keys to staying motivated throughout the year?

DC: Challenge. You always want to feel you are challenging your body. It shouldn’t be effortless, but it shouldn’t take everything out of you. If you get used to an exercise and it gets comfortable, you may need to make it a little tougher. We want to progress as time goes on.

CG: Results. Whether is it is the number on the scale, seeing your strength improve, or feeling better overall, the main driving factor is when people see a change in their health for the better.


KH: How important is diet in seeing results?

DC: You can’t outrun your fork. What you put into your body will determine what you can get out of it. Pay attention to your portion sizes. Small adjustments over time lead to big improvements in the long run.

GC: Dieting typically refers to a “cut back” or “lacking of” a specific set of foods. Having a good understanding of what healthy eating looks like is where you can find success in maintaining symbiosis with your training.


KH: Any other advice or words of wisdom?

DC: There is a lot of information out there, so be smart about where you get it from. Don’t be shy of looking to educate yourself further.

GC: Consistency is key. Rome was not built in a day and the same goes with your results.

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