Harvest Fest

October 17-20, 2019




Course 1

Sourdough - house-baked sourdough with Maldon and brown butter


Amuse - buttermilk cracker with roasted cauliflower yogurt, spiced puffed grains and cucumber pickle

Course 2

Turkey soup - achiote roasted turkey, black bean veloute, charred corn, pumpkin seed relish and herb crema


Squash- charred radicchio, roasted squash, chili oil, crispy leeks, rouille and zucchini pickle

Course 3

Ham Hock - hand rolled cavatelli, braised ham hock, dill pickle, pearl onion, dijon, tarragon and chilli crumb


Chicken - crispy chicken thigh, roasted young onion, buttermilk pomme, fermented cabbage and chicken jus with mushroom crumb 


A social restaurant, stripping away the rigid formalities of dining while focusing on the quality of food, warm service and relaxed ambiance. The food focuses on modern interpretations of classic flavours, using humble ingredients to create thoughtful dishes from prestige products. Imaginative, yet humble and grounded.

Hours of operation: Tues-Thurs 11:30am-10pm | Fri 11:30am-12 midnight | Sat 4pm-12 midnight

Address 9802 Jasper Ave, Edmonton AB T5J 0C5
Phone (587) 524-3333
Website revelbistro.com