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The DBA represents a diverse membership body in the Downtown core.  It also maintains and increases the vitality of its specific area.  The DBA has addressed its mission by producing several large initiatives and sponsoring numerous festivals and special events in the Downtown core. We are currently hiring an executive director. 

Job Title: Executive Director


The Executive Director is responsible for providing efficient and effective leadership for all of the activities of the DBA. The Executive Director’s focus is strategic direction, public relations and managerial oversight with the day to day operations of the organization managed by the positions of the Office Manager and the Manager of Marketing and Communications, both of whom report directly to the Executive Director.

Key Accountabilities

Strategic & Financial Leadership

  • Works with the managers to prepare the DBA’s three-year rolling strategic plan, annual reports, annual budgets and other reports as required;
  • Monitor the DBA’s revenues and expenditures to ensure sound fiscal management and maintains current and relevant knowledge of the financial, political, business and social trends that impact the current and future operation of the DBA;
  • Deploy the financial resources of DBA, within the constraints of the Board approved annual budget, leveraging those resources in order to maximize the value derived from funds that are primarily levy based and limited in both source and amount; and
  • Work with the Board of Directors, Standing Committees and staff to develop and modify programs that will have the maximum benefit to a DBA membership that is widely divergent in their demographics and has only location as a real common denominator.

People Leadership

  • Maintain a strong, transparent and proactive relationship with the DBA Board of Directors and the Members of Standing Committees;
  • Direct responsibility for all human resource matters internally as well as providing support or assistance for potential staffing of additional positions;
  • Provides leadership and mentorship to the Office Manager and Manager of Marketing and Communications regarding the Association’s operations and the implementation of policies, programs, project initiatives and special events all within the approved budget constraints;
  • Ensure all systems, processes and structures required to support the evolution of the organization are in place, including appropriate staff skills and competencies;
  • Develop and maintain a safe and effective work environment which facilitates the achievement of goals and objectives, stimulates teamwork and collaboration which fosters individual productivity; and
  • Participates in Advisory Committee meetings focused on operations, marketing and business recruitment which are comprised of volunteers focused on furthering the objectives of the Association.

External Relations

  • Act as the primary spokesperson for the DBA and communicate effectively with the Board of Directors, Committees and a diverse audience of external stakeholders including the members, political community and the media; and
  • Uphold and represent the interests of the DBA and its member businesses in the local market.

Opportunities and Challenges

  • With the full support of the Board of Directors, the Executive Director will be given the flexibility to bring innovation to the organization that will assist in the execution of the strategic plan and increase the profile of the DBA within the downtown core.
  • The Executive Director will be joining an organization that is well-positioned for substantial growth opportunities through leveraging the various services and offerings to members within its geography.


  • The incoming Executive Director will partner with an aligned, well-governed Board of Directors seeking a leader who thrives in an environment of collaboration yet transparent honesty, to drive growth for the DBA.
  • The successful candidate will be comfortable being hands-on with the team, utilizing innovative thinking, challenging political influencers, and creatively initiating new strategies for growth.


Success in the first year will be determined by the candidate’s ability to:

  • Work collaboratively with staff and the Board of Directors to formalize and execute upon the strategic plan for the Edmonton Downtown Business Association;
  • Generate strategic initiatives to elevate the overall profile of the DBA and position the organization for continued success;
  • Work collaboratively with municipal and provincial orders of government to continue the development and revitalization of the downtown core; and
  • Provide strong support for member organizations to grow and improve their operations.


The successful candidate will have the following:


  • Post-secondary education in business or a related field will be considered an asset.


  • Business Development: Possessing an entrepreneurial spirit, the successful candidate will have progressive leadership experience in growing businesses and the oversight required to assist its members with the successful expansion of a small business or start-up organization.
  • Relationship Management: A proven track record of stakeholder relations with a proven ability to build collaborations, partnerships, and relationships. Demonstrated success in breathing life into the mission, vision, values, of an organization that captivate, engage, and motivate to action, employees, stakeholders, and members
  • Financial Management: History of owning the financial risk for an organization. Ensuring the decisions made to support innovation and growth do not come at the expense of financial stability or
  • Crisis Management: These are uncertain times – various sectors of business are constantly evolving. The candidate will have experience navigating critical events and stakeholder activism.
  • Leadership: The Successful candidate will have demonstrated leadership skills with a proven ability to inspire, motivates and mentor others in pursuit of identified vision, mission, and goals in a complex, multiprogram organization and environment.

Competencies and Attributes

  • Strategic Mindset: A nimble and resourceful learner that cultivates
  • Courage: Willing to push the boundaries of traditional growth strategies, accepting the inherent ambiguity of a growth strategy to take the organization to a new
  • Drives Results: Infusing the team and organization with a sense of urgency. Creating a culture where organizational performance is top of mind. Communicating a vision, setting priorities, developing, and executing plans that achieve the desired outcome for the DBA.
  • Confident: Being comfortable with conflict that is inherent in being a champion of an idea or course of action. Meeting tough situations head-on to constructively resolve them. Saying what needs to be said at the right time, to the right person, in the right manner to effect change.
  • Curious: Willing to take a new approach to any situation while being able to actively evaluate and balance risk and
  • Community Minded: An active community focused individual that demonstrates through their actions the importance of social responsibility and giving A belief and commitment to partnerships, collective impact and a cooperative approach to problem-solving.