Reopening Resources

Reopening Guidelines for Businesses

To assist Downtown businesses in their reopening planning, the DBA has gathered provincial and sector guidelines to help ensure a safe environment for employees and customers. We’ll continue to update this page as new information is made available. 

The Importance of Placemaking and Public Space in a Pandemic
Creative use of public space has become integral for providing Downtown businesses an opportunity to expand their offering. Download the report 

• The role of public space
• Economic value
• Urban isolation
• Placemaking
• Tools to liberate your space
• Examples around the world

Five COVID-19 Innovation Trends in Downtown Edmonton
Innovative trends that are allowing Downtown Edmonton companies to reposition and have a long-lasting impact beyond the Coronavirus pandemic.  Download the report

• New business models
• Online engagement
• Virtual events
• IT/Tech modernization
• Community support

Alberta Biz Connect

Resources from the Alberta government to help businesses reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19 among workers and customers.  Access the site.

• General guidance- AHS enhanced infection prevention and control measures, Occupation Health & Safety resources, COVID-19 orders and legislation
• Sector guidance
• Planning for operations

 Workplace Guidance for Business Owners

Alberta procedures and policies to be developed and implemented prior to re-opening or continuing operations after May 1, 2020. Industries or businesses with specialized operations or aspects may be subject to additional guidance.  Download the guide.

• COVID-19 communications
• Managing sick staff and volunteers
• Prevention – screening, hygiene, cleaning and disinfecting, personal protective equipment, workplace bathrooms
• Retail items

Alberta’s Relaunch Strategy

The Alberta government’s three-phased approach to opening the Alberta economy.  Download the guide.

• Conditions for relaunch
• Relaunch stage highlights
• Key public health measures 
• Provincial comparisons

Restaurants Canada COVID-19 Reopening Best Practices

Best practices outlined by Restaurants Canada to support restaurants during the initial phase of reopening.  Download the guide.

• General best practices for customer areas
• General best practices for staff areas
• Full-service dining best practices
• Self-serve best practices
• Quick-service best practices
• Cleaning and sanitation
• Health and personal hygiene - customers
• Health and personal hygiene - staff
• Personal protective equipment (PPE)


Restaurants Canada COVID-19 Rapid Recovery Guide

Best practices outlined by Restaurants Canada to support restaurants during the initial phase of reopening.  Download the guide.

• Food safety
• Cleaning and sanitation
• Health and personal hygiene
• Physical distancing
• Financial planning
• Training 
• Tools and signage

AGLC Q&A for Licensees

Licensees are encouraged to review the Q & A document specific to Alberta’s Stage 2 strategy.  Download the Q&A.

• Liquor-licensed establishments included in Stage 2 
• Restricted activities

Retail Council of Canada Retail Recovery Playbooks

Global best practices for a diverse range of retail formats with the fundamental aim of ensuring a safe environment for employees and customers.  Download the guides. 

• Customer Health and Safety playbook
• Employee Well-Being playbook
• Retail Operations playbook
• Merchandising & Marketing playbook

Retail Council of Canada Recovery Checklists

Return to work team checklist and action plan.  Download the guide

• Return to work team checklist
• Return to work action plan
• Policy and protocol consideration for employers when employees return to work
• Employee temperature screening
• Employees working from home HR considerations
• HR workplace safety considerations and issues
• Social distancing and sanitation checklist
• Store signage


Outdoor Recreation Roundtable

The Outdoor Recreation Roundtable (ORR) is America’s leading coalition of outdoor recreation trade associations and organizations working to promote the growth of the outdoor recreation economy and outdoor recreation activities Download the recommendations.

• ORR perspectives on recreation sites reopening Prioritization and Coordination
• Recreating sites reopening approach
• Reopening ideas of consideration collected from ORR members
• Additional resources/comments from ORR members by recreational asset class for consideration - ie beaches, campgrounds, trails


Hotel Association of Canada’s Enhanced hotel cleaning standards in response to COVID-19 

The Safe Stay health and safety guidelines represent best practices for the hotel industry, in accordance with the Public Health Agency of Canada guidelines. Download the guide.

• Employee and guest health
• Employee’s responsibilities
• Cleaning Protocols
• Physical Distancing



Considerations for Museum Reopenings

The American Alliance of Museums recommendations for museum openings. (This document may contain useful recommendations for art galleries.) Download the guide.

• Phased timelines
• Restricting capacity and access - online ticket sales, digital visitor guides, regulating interactives

BOMA Pathway Back to Work - Commercial Real Estate and Re-Entry Guide

BOMA Canada recommended pathways for the safe return of tenants, building personnel, visitors, vendors, contractors and others to commercial real estate.  Download the guide.

• Building operations - elevators, escalators, lobby control, washroom, food courts
• Vendor supplies - cleaning plans, disposal of PPE, hand sanitization station, HVAC, ventilation, filters, etc.
• Tenant and building communications - signage
• Human resources 

Building Water Quality and Coronavirus: Flushing Guidance for Periods of Low or No Use

Guidance from the Environmental Science, Policy, and Research Institute (ESPRI) to help those who are responsible for maintaining building water quality and operation issues. Download the guide.

• Flushing a small building
• Flushing a large building