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In the core of every big city, safety, security and crime are always hot topics and a cause for concern. The City of Edmonton is no different. However, what is different is that the Downtown Business Association and the Edmonton Police Service (EPS) have partnered together to educate members of the business community on what can and is being done to minimize these concerns in Downtown Edmonton. Security and Safety

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The Security Network

The Security Network is an initiative of a subcommittee of the Downtown Business Association’s Operations Committee and was recently revived as a business driven network of major complexes in the Downtown. The Security Network is intended to be used as an information and communications system geared toward making the Downtown a safer place to work, live, shop and play. Security and

It is hoped that, through the Security Network, major Downtown complexes will play a significant role in the overall prevention of crime in our downtown. It is an effective conduit between private security staff and the Edmonton Police Service (EPS) that can greatly enhance security activity among its members. One phone call or email and the message has the potential of reaching all major sites in the downtown.

The Security Network has developed a contact list of Downtown Security Agencies that operate 24/7 for enhanced security notification. Click on the link to view the Downtown Security Agency Contact List

Security and Safety

Downtown Security Seminar

Downtown Security Seminar

In partnership with the Edmonton Police Service, The Downtown Business Association annually hosts a Downtown Security Seminar in June for members of the downtown business community, including business owners, security providers, retailers, hotel operators, property managers, arts & culture venues and parking operators. Guest speakers and round table discussions at the Seminar help to educate and bring awareness of a variety of issues, from street drugs and graffiti to crime prevention through environmental design and more. The Downtown Business Association and the Edmonton Police Service’s goal of the annual Security Seminar is to continually educate and assist the downtown business community in making downtown a safe and secure place to live, work, shop and play. Click here to view our most recent report.