Holiday Lunchbox Rock

Thursday, December 5, 2019 | 12 noon at Enterprise Square

Join Edmonton-based duo, Post Script for a noon-hour concert to celebrate Dicken’s Fest. The show is free, however, donations for 630 Ched Santas Anonymous are encouraged. 

Post Script distills optimistic melancholia by exploring their entwined histories. The striking effervescence of Steph Blais in harmonic unity with Paul Cournoyer’s rich baritone creates a conduit for the voices of their franco-Albertan roots to resound with the reflection of modern humanity. The guitar pendulum swings from Nashville pulse to crystalline delicacy, weaving the soothing tone of Paul’s stand up bass with enigmatic familiarity. Like a lustrous new dress stitched from vintage cloth, Post Script is a gasp of nostalgia in a breath of fresh air.