Let’s Grill Sushi & Izakaya

Table Service

Let’s Grill Sushi & Izakaya

  • $35 Dinner
  • $20 Brunch
Side Dish
Choose one

Tako Yaki – Grilled Osaka-style octopus ball topped with fish flakes
Shrimp Tempura – Shrimp dipped into tempura batter and deep-fried

Choose one

T&T – Imitation crab, avocado, shrimp tempura, tobiko
Salmon Oshi Sushi – Salmon, smoke salmon, jalapeño

Main Dish
Choose one

Grilled Beef Don – Grilled beef marinated in house special sauce and rice
Tuna/Salmon Pokebowl – Tuna or Salmon, mixed veggie salad and rice

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