bao sandwiches

Bao Sandwiches w/ Mai Nguyen

March 15, 2022
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Get Cooking
MacEwan Residence, 104 Ave NW
Learn how to make pillowy soft steamed buns at with this hands-on class

Join Mai Nguyen for this tasty class on how to make Bao Sandwiches, from scratch. Together with Mai you’ll learn how to make and steam your own Bao Buns and how to prepare two different fillings too. During your class Mai will walk you through making your own Bao dough then how to roll it into buns and how to steam them. And you’ll learn how to marinate and roast pork shoulder for Mai’s Char Siu filling as well as how to fry up a batch of Shrimp for a decadently delicious Peaches & Shrimp filling. Your Get Cooking experience includes an arrival appetizer and a meal of what you cook plus non-alcoholic beverages. A selection of wines and beers is available for pre-order or on the night.

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