An Edmonton Company Creates Technology to Help Offices Reopen After COVID-19

June 17, 2020
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An Edmonton Company Creates Technology to Help Offices Reopen After COVID-19

As Alberta begins to implement its relaunch strategy, property managers, building owners and companies are working diligently to figure out back-to-work plans. Duty of care is top of mind for everyone: how can we make our practices and spaces safe for employees and customers?

As the world shifts into a new normal, there is a need to adhere to physical distancing practices, reduce touch points, screen for COVID-19 symptoms and monitor building capacities. And that’s where one Downtown-based company VisitorBay is perfectly suited to assist with the transition.

VisitorBay is a digital visitor management tool that allows for an automated sign-in process that is more secure than traditional paper methods. Before COVID-19, the company launched a digital registration system for clients that would see the end of paper sign-in sheets left out in the open for all to see. A few weeks into COVID-19, company founders Brett Carrier and Ricardo Casanova knew there was an opportunity to adapt their product to help companies.

“We’ve had some interesting conversations with clients about what their back-to-work strategies look like,” says Carrier. “Everyone is learning as news comes out from Alberta Health Services and government agencies, but people are really focused on placing a lot of the onus on themselves to mitigate risk.”

After weeks of coding and reprogramming, the product is now a versatile screening technology that can assist businesses in ensuring that employees and guest follow COVID-19 protocols.

Businesses can customize the messaging and questions that guests see. It can also screen customers for COVID-19 symptoms and prompt customers to read and virtually sign any disclosures instead of requiring paper copies. All of the data that guests input is securely stored in a Cloud and is easily retrievable in case of any incidents or record-keeping needs.

“The technology and know-how was already out there. A year ago, we couldn’t have predicted that the pandemic would change the direction of this product. But that’s what’s beautiful about our visitor management tool, it’s flexible, adaptable and allowed us to change the landscape of what’s possible as we look at way of getting people safely back into their offices,” says Carrier.

To further reduce the amount of a time a guest spends registering at a business, VisitorBay can manage guest pre-registration at the time of coordinating meetings and appointments. Businesses can also use VisitorBay to send out advance notices around health and safety expectations, such as whether the use of a mask is required. The use of VisitorBay pre-registration features can help track estimated occupancy rates to help avoid going over any mandated capacity restrictions. Policies and procedures can change so rapidly, and conveying clear directions and expectations in advance of a customer’s arrival can negate confusion that could lead to unsafe or frustrating experiences.

“We have several clients that are already taking advantage of the new features, including businesses in the heart of downtown Edmonton and surrounding areas ranging from property management, construction and insurance companies. We’re finding that our appeal is very broad as we all plan to get back to work.”


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