July 9, 2020
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COVID Shopping List

Now that we’re all done with toilet paper hoarding, it’s time to stock up on common-sense products that’ll help you keep the virus away. Pick up these great products from Downtown retailers for yourself, a friend or a family member. 

Tony the Tailor Reusable Cotton Face Mask

Look good while staying protected. The design of these masks can be as plain or as fancy as you’d like. Be fashion-forward and tuck your mask into your lapel and you’ve got a pocket square. Made with multiple layers of durable cotton.

$6-$8, Tony the Tailor, 10172 104 Street

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Soap So Co. Cheeky Peach Soap Bar

This bar of soap is like washing your hands with a work of art. This artisan soap is not only pretty but is vegan and the scent of juicy peaches will give you a burst of summer.

$8, Tix on the Square, 9930 102 Avenue

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CleanKey Aluminum Keychain

Never touch a door handle or debit machine keypad again. This CleanKey can be taken anywhere and used to do your hands’ usual dirty work.

$10, Shop Chop, 10265 107 Street

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Art by Aeris Reusable Japanese Cotton Face Mask

Handmade by an Edmonton artist, these one of a kind masks are beautiful, durable and you can see the attention to detail put into each mask. They have three layers as well as a nose wire and filter pocket.

$40, Tix on the Square, 9930 102 Avenue

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Stay Home Club XL Tote Bag

Tote around this bag to low-key brag about how you’re a part of the Stay Home Club. It’s large enough to fit your hand sanitizer, face mask and anything else you like to keep handy.

$40, Shop Chop, 10265 107 Street

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Anto Yukon Cypress Hills Soap Bar

Make scrubbing away the germs something you look forward to. This handmade soap bar smells like grapefruit and lime, has all-natural ingredients and is wrapped in and art print by Canadian artist, Meghan Hildebrand.

$10, The Artworks, 10150 100 Street

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