How to Enjoy the PBR National Finals in Downtown Edmonton

November 9, 2021
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How to Enjoy the PBR National Finals in Downtown Edmonton

Saddle up to a good time this weekend - bull riding is back in Edmonton! For the first time ever, the PBR Canadian National Finals are in Edmonton on November 12 and 13 at Rogers Place and the Ice District. You can either watch the professionals do their thing or try your hand at bull riding on a mechanical bull. Here’s what you need to know about PBR action this weekend in Downtown Edmonton.

What is Professional Bull Riders (PBR) Canada? PBR is a standalone extreme rodeo sport matching the world’s best bull riding athletes against the toughest and most tempermental bulls, in an 8-second man versus beast duel. And like a rodeo, the finals are part sporting event, part concert with music, explosive pyrotechnics and fast-paced production. Before you know it, you’ll be tapping your cowboy boots and hollering from the stands.

How is it scored? To the uninitiated bull riding fan, it’s all about the rider staying on for eight seconds, but scoring is more nuanced than that. Not only is the rider being judged but the bull is being scored too. Half of the 100 points go to the rider; the other 50 points go to the bull.

Judges are looking for a bull that has good agility, speed and raw power. A good bull will spin in tight circles and buck wildly, making it harder for the rider to maintain their balance and form. 

The rider is scored for his ability to maintain good balance and rhythm while saddled to the bull. The more flare a rider shows, the more points they’ll receive. For example, if you see a rider lift their leg, they’re spurring the bull, showing their dominance, and may receive extra points. Eight seconds goes by so quickly, but so much is happening during that time.

The finals take place over two days. Which day should I attend? The PBR Canadian National Finals take place over the course of two days at Rogers Place -- Friday November 12 and Saturday November 13. The first day of the competition is when you typically see lots of spills and thrills, and the last day of competition is when the remaining riders are the best of the best and competition is stiff. Both days offer a lot of athletic excitement and a great value so you can’t choose wrong - your best bet is to go both evenings with a two-day ticket package.

How do I get tickets? Single-day tickets ($38-$157) and two-day packages ($97-$242) are available on Ticketmaster. Select single-day tickets are also eligible for a “Me+3 4-Pack offer” where you save up to 25% when you buy four tickets. For the best view, get premium seats in rows two or three—though if you’re sitting this close to the action you may get a chuck of dirt in your drink if you don’t keep it covered! If you’re looking for a deal and affordable night out, you can still get four tickets for decent seats for under $100 total.

Where is the official pre-event entertainment? Where can I ride a mechanical bull? Friday and Saturday afternoon, join the PBR Fall Tailgate Party at the Ice District Plaza. Prior to the action taking place inside Rogers Place, test your own bull riding skills on a mechanical bull and enjoy live music from FKB, Sparrow Blue, Brigadiers, Hailey Benedict and The Prairie States. See the full tailgate schedule online. 

Where can I park? For the closest access to Rogers Place, reserve a spot in advance at the Ice District Central Parkade. You can also find nearby parking in the 102 Street Parkade and City Centre Mall East Main Parkade—both are a less than a five-minute walk to Rogers Place. If you prefer to take the LRT, get off at Churchill Square Station. 



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