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May 23, 2019
Category: DT Advantage Summer 2019

The Name Game

It was a decision that divided Edmonton in two. In one corner in 2006, there were marketers and millennials who insisted that “Klondike Days,” the name of Edmonton’s 10-day summer exhibition was of a bygone era. In opposition, stood Edmontonians attached to the Gold Rush theme and the playful pageantry celebrated across the city since 1964.

Who could imagine a summer not parading down Jasper Avenue wearing satin layered dresses and fitted tailcoats? Even Princess Diana had worn pink ruffles when she and Prince Charles visited Edmonton in the summer of 1983.

But the people had voted and so the name of the exhibition was changed from “Klondike Days” to the less identifiable “Capital EX.” Also ditched was the tradition of painting Downtown business windows with whimsical characters from the region’s Klondike past.

In 2012, after only six years, the name was changed again to “K-Days,” the shortened moniker that Edmontonians had always affectionately called Klondike Days.

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