Breakfast Sandwiches Worth Getting Out of Bed For

Downtowners love their breakfast sandwiches almost as much as they love cafes. Here’s where to start your day off right

District Cafe

You’re taking a bite of a perfectly fried fresh egg, smoky bacon, creamy gruyere, lathered in housemade tomato jam held together by a silky, smooth milk bun…but wait, your eyes are already open. You’re sitting in the bustling District Cafe. Hooray, it’s not a dream after all! Get your smoked bacon breakfast sandwich to stay, or to go. Pair it with a freshly brewed coffee for only $10! District Cafe is open Thursday-Sunday, 8am-3pm. 10011 109 St NW

Rosewood Foods

Similar to many New York bodegas, where Rosewood Foods draws inspiration for their killer breakfast sandwiches, Rosewood is the place to be and the place to be seen. Whether you choose the double-smoked bacon, house ground chicken sausage, house-cured pastrami spiced lox or griddled scallions breakfast sandwich you can trust that it will carry you through the morning until you head back to Rosewood for lunch. 10150 100 St NW

Julia’s Cafe

Julia’s Cafe located on the corner of 105 Street and Jasper Avenue, across from Beaver Hills House Park, opened quietly in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, making it one of Edmonton Downtown’s most noticeable hidden gems. So, we can confidently say that you are missing out on their incredible $5 breakfast sandwich. What makes their classic breakfast sandwich unique is that it’s slathered with garlicky Lebanese sauce and with your choice of sausage or bacon. Served all day, Julia makes on-the-run breakfast simple. 10405 Jasper Ave NW


DOSC’s breakfast sandwiches are kind of legendary around this part of town. What makes them so special? Well, have you ever heard of a cruffle? A cruffle is the love-child of a croissant and a waffle. Are you drooling already? Well imagine a perfectly cooked egg, with bacon, tomato, avocado and house-made chipotle mayo between two of those bad boys. Here, have a napkin. 10190 104 St NW

Kindred Food + Drink

JW Marriot’s Kindred + Drink has been home away from home for many choosing to staycation, celebrate with family and loved ones over brunch or for anyone looking for a little bit of luxury. There is no doubt that Kindred’s breakfast sandwich, The Wich, has made its way into the hearts of many Edmontonians. The Wich’s tomato jam, locally sourced fried egg, and housemate peameal bacon stuffed in between a potato bun has found itself in-between much laugher, hugs and good times. 10344 102 St NW

Farrow Sandwiches

With sandwich in the name, you know Farrow Sandwiches knows exactly what they’re doing. Their “Grick Middle” is arguably the sandwich that gained them their cult following, allowing for an expansion into our very own Downtown Edmonton. The Grick Middle sounds simple on paper, made with fried egg, bacon, rosemary aioli, smoked cheddar, tomato jam and arugula but when you take your first bite, and that creamy egg begins to roll down your hand… everything clicks. Welcome to the cult. 10542 Jasper Ave NW

Central Social Hall

Whether you’re an early bird or late riser, Central Social Hall has you covered with their all-day breakfast selection. The Central Breakfast Sandwich keeps it classic with a fried egg, bacon, cheddar and greens, lathered in their house-made mayo sauce on a sourdough bun. 10909 Jasper Ave NW

OEB Breakfast Co.

OEB Breakfast Co. is something you can only experience in the west. Originating in Calgary, OEB fever has made its way to Edmonton’s core. Though everything on their menu is expertly crafted, we especially love their variety of breakfast sandwiches. Made on artisan bagels, you can opt-in for the classic sammy with free-run eggs, truffle mayo and guacamole or their hand-crafted cold-smoked salmon, with herbed cream cheese, pickled onions, friend capers and fennel. If you’re feeling extra frivolous, OEB playfully dares you to add organic sturgeon caviar to your lox bagel and toss away the receipt! 10174 100a St NW

Lock Stock Coffee

If you haven’t already realized, Downtowners love their breakfast sandwiches… almost as much as we love our cafes! Lock Stock Coffee combines the two, creating the best crispy (and only breakfast sandwich on this list to be made with an English muffin!) with a cozy underground atmosphere. Seriously, Lock Stock is underground. Impress your friends with knowing all the cool places while Lockstock’s breakfast sandwich roster dazzles their tastebuds. 10534 Jasper Ave NW

Photo by amirali mirhashemian on Unsplash