Edmonton Downtown - JW Marriott hotel

You Gotta Stay at this Insane High-Tech Hotel

From mobile bookings to valet parking, how technology is improving the guest experience and operations at JW Marriott Edmonton ICE District

Hotel app
Hey, we’ve all been there: standing in line at the front desk waiting to get your hotel key card. Wait no more with a mobile key. Guests can check-in and checkout via Mariott’s Bonvoy App. Use your phone to unlock your room, order room service, book a hotel room or access your rewards account. Basically, you can almost manage all your business with the hotel via the phone.

Computerized valet parking
There’s little waiting around for service at JW Marriott Edmonton Ice District, ever, even when it comes to valet parking. Rather than shuffling sheets of paper, staff use a computerized valet system which allows them to efficiently manage incoming and outgoing vehicles. Attendants easily record vehicle make and model, and document the physical condition of each car as it arrives. The system also informs staff of vacant parking spots, so they spend less time looking for a space and more time serving customers. During peak periods when volumes are high, a screen in the hotel’s lobby displays wait times so guests can see exactly when their vehicle will arrive.

Mobile housekeeping app
This being JW Marriott Edmonton Ice District, it’s no surprise that technology has made its way to housekeeping too. Room attendants carry mobile devices that inform them what rooms to clean next and how much time they have in each. Communication with the entire team, and the rest of the hotel, is only a tap away. Want extra towels? No problem. Special requests and personalized guest details are recorded in the devices too. The result is greater efficiencies in housekeeping and higher guest satisfaction.

Mobile staff messaging
The landline takes a back seat to mobile messaging at JW Marriott Edmonton Ice District when it comes to internal communication. Instead of wearing bulky radios, key staff and positions at this luxury hotel use a mobile app called Zinc to send messages to individuals or teams. Similar to WhatsApp, Zinc allows users to send photos, videos and even voice calls. It’s an ideal communication tool for employees whose work is deskless.

Conference and meeting app
Here’s a scenario that stresses out even the most seasoned event planner: the conference room is stifling hot and you need more coffee. No need to spend your time trying to catch the attention of hotel staff. At JW Marriott Edmonton Ice District, all you have to do is type “Need more coffee,” or any request for that matter, in the hotel’s Meeting Service App and immediately your request is received by staff.

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