A plate of four tacos el pasteur

Made in Mexico

Our go-tos for tacos, tortas and tequila. A roundup of Mexican restaurants you gotta try

Tres Carnales

Tres Carnales is a taqueria which serves straightforward Mexican classics, such as al pastor, carne asada and pescado, in a casual atmosphere. Located on Rice Howard Day, expect to see office workers there for midday for lunch. 10119 100A Street

El Beso

Two words: queso fundido. That’s just one of the dishes worth seeking at the Jasper Avenue restaurant. Other menu items to try at El Beso include roast corn salad, shrimp and bacon tacos, and taco de Jamaica (heaped with hibiscus flowers, onion, garlic, salsa verde, pineapple and avocado). 10432 Jasper Ave

Tres Carnales Rostizado

An offshoot of Tres Carnales is the acclaimed Tres Carnales Rostizado. This popular spot is known for its hearty platters of roast chicken, but really anything on the menu is fantastic from perfectly seasoned Cubano sandwiches and burritos to tacos. Conveniently located two blocks from Rogers Place, it’s the perfect spot for pre-game and after-show drinks. 10359 104 Street

Maria Northern Mexican Cuisine

Northern Mexican restaurants are hard to come by in Edmonton so expect to taste new flavours and dishes at Maria Northern Mexican Cuisine. Meat is the star of this menu and much of it is BBQed or grilled. big any of the dishes. Try the parrilladas platter, a variety of grilled meats, including sirloin, chorizo and chicken that are guaranteed to give you the meat sweats. 10220 103 St