Pizza coming out of wood fired oven

Best Pizza Places Downtown

When it comes to finding a good slice of pizza, there are plenty of options

Buco Pizzeria + Vino Bar

At Buco Pizzeria + Vino Bar, brace yourself for blistered Neapolitan pizzas pulled out of a wood-fired stone oven. We’re big fans of the Peperonata loaded with peppers, olives, onion, sausage and fior di latte. If you’re driving here, Epcor Tower provides free underground parking for Buco customers. 10423 101 Street

Boston Pizza

The first Boston Pizza opened in Edmonton in 1964 by Greek immigrant Gus Agioritis. Today, there are more than 400 restaurants across Canada and the US. Downtown Edmonton has two locations, with the newest situated in the Ice District. The two-storey restaurant looks vastly different from the older Boston Pizza restaurants, with a more contemporary feel, but the pizzas still do it for the money. 10111 104 Avenue and 10620 Jasper Avenue

Parlour Italian Kitchen & Bar

Parlour Italian Kitchen & Bar is a fine place to enjoy the fire roasted flat-crust Neopolitan pizza selections paired with wine from the extensive list. The Sonny Boy with soppressata salami, for di latte, mushroom and fresh thyme reminds us why we love this Downtown gem. 10334 108 Street

Love Pizza

If you are a devoted pizza fan, Love Pizza won’t disappoint. You can order their signature specialties, such as the Holy Shitake with parmesan sauce, fior di late, caramelized onions, roasted mushroom. But what they are known for is custom pizzas. Elevate your pie with artichoke hearts, spinach, farm fresh eggs, pulled chicken, arugula and sundried tomatoes. 10196 109 Street

Campio Brewing Co.

Detroit Deep Dish has been exploding with popularity during the last couple years. This pizza at Campio Brewing Co. is like no other. Order any eight of their Detroit Deep Dishes, such as the OG Pepperoni that’s fully loaded in both classic and dry cured pepperoni, mozzarella, and brick cheese. 10257 105 Street

Fresh Slice Pizza

When you got the late-night munchies and are looking for a whole pie or pizza by the slice, Freshslice Pizza is the right choice. Pick from eight different slices. 10071 109 Street

Cosmic Pizza

Whether you’re craving a slice of pizza at 1 am or looking to alleviate the after-effects of a night out, Cosmic Pizza has got you covered. Through thick and thin, this is the crust you should trust. 10412 102 Ave