Women singing on stage at the Citadel Theatre

Must-see Music, Theatre & Dance Shows

The Edmonton performing arts scene is regarded as one of the best in Western Canada, and you can take in all the best performances Downtown at iconic arts and cultural spaces like the Winspear Centre and Citadel Theatre

Citadel Theatre

A fresh leadership team, including artistic director Daryl Cloran, has breathed new life into Edmonton’s most famous theatrical institution. The Citadel has expanded its programming, and has made subtle changes, like allowing patrons to bring food and drink into the theatre — the sippy cups for adults are truly neat. Different theatres are located on the various levels of the Citadel complex; the main stage is home to the biggest productions, while smaller stages offer more intimate experiences with experimental theatre — and the Rice Theatre has tables for drinks and snacks. A night out seeing a big show, with the bright stage lights and top-end production, is an experience you won’t soon forget. 9828 101A Avenue

Edmonton Symphony Orchestra

He was on a reality show in the UK about musical prodigies when he was a teen. Now, Alexander Prior directs an Edmonton Symphony Orchestra that’s taking the stuffed shirt out of classical music. Whether it’s Mozart, or a contemporary composer, the Symphony is making itself accessible to a wider audience. As well, the Symphony has performed shows with pop culture in mind, including outdoor events celebrating the music of Disney movies, and shows at the Winspear hailing the music of Star Wars, Star Trek and Harry Potter. 4 Sir Winston Churchill Square

Ballet Edmonton

In 2018, Ballet Edmonton moved into the Triffo Theatre, located at MacEwan University’s Allard Hall. Artistic Director Wen Wei Wang, who has danced and choreographed productions across Canada and China, is pushing the envelope with modern ballet that sure isn’t Swan Lake. Contemporary music and interpretive pieces make for conversation material over coffee. 11110 104 Avenue

Brian Webb Dance Company

Brian Webb is more than an artistic director or a choreographer. He’s an institution in this city, and has already been feted with an Outstanding Lifetime Achievement Award at the Mayor’s Celebration of the Arts. He’s danced in New York, then came back to Edmonton to create a contemporary dance company that challenges perceptions and embraces the human body. 11110 104 Ave

Triffo Theatre at MacEwan University

MacEwan University has a great arts program based at Allard Hall. The theatre students put on shows throughout the year, ranging from the deadly serious, such as The Crucible, to more whimsical efforts, like 9-to-5 and Legally Blonde. The shows display the range that the students possess, from big, splashy song and dance numbers, to tear-jerking monologues. Flex passes are available so you can enjoy the whole season. 11110 104 Avenue