Top 5 tips to keep your kicks fresh

Shoe care is for more than dress shoes & sneakerheads. The experts step up with advice for keeping your footwear fancy.

Sure, you probably know about polishing patent leather dress shoes, but what about when your Jordans get janky? Shane Breau, owner & shoe care expert at Shoe Shine Shack, gives his best advice for keeping your kicks fresh.

Shoe care isn’t just for army boots and Louboutins. You can also clean up your Converse or make your Nikes look like new. Also, it will help get that old shoe odour outta those soles. Getting a buff, polish, shine or detailing can get you excited about your favourite sneaks again. But there are a few simple things you can do to keep your feet happy and your shoes looking smashing between cleanings.


  1. Pre-treat: Always water- and stain-proof new or freshly detailed shoes to prevent staining.
  2. Dry: Remove your insoles after wearing your shoes to let the insoles and shoes dry entirely to prevent odours.
  3. Rotate: Try not to wear the same shoe every day. This will help with the shoe dry completely. No time for that? Using a cedar shoe tree will help remove moisture and also help your shoes keep their shape.
  4. Prepare: Keep a pack of quick wipes on hand at all times for minor surface contamination. Shoe Shine Shack shoe care experts currently recommend the Jason Markk and Moneysworth & Best brands.
  5. Shine: Trust the experts with the big jobs. For deep cleaning, repair work, customization and anything else related to shoes, bags or hats, remember Shoe Shine Shack has you covered.


Get your shoes shined or your kicks fixed at Shoe Shine Shack, 10359 104 Street (in the Mercer Warehouse).