Buok Fresh Korean Kitchen


Buok Fresh Korean Kitchen

  • $15 Lunch
  • $25 Lunch
$15 Buok Burrito & Coleslaw Combo

COMBO #1 Ddokbokki (V) & Corn Cheese Combo
A Fun Korean Street Food Combo!
Korean Rice Cakes cooked in our Gochujang Sauce with Zucchini & Onions and Sweet Creamy Corn baked with Cheese

COMBO #2 Buok Burrito & Coleslaw Combo
Our Burrito is served in a Whole Wheat Tortilla with Buddha Rice, Kimchi Relish, Mixed Cheese, Fresh Spinach and your choice of Protein (Bulgogi Beef or Denjung Pork or Ginseng Chicken or Tofu)

Also served with your choice of Kimchi Coleslaw or Sesame Coleslaw


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