Odario with Good Information and Just Moe + DJ Mr. Kou

February 16, 2024
8:00 pm - 11:00 pm
9910 109 Street, Edmonton, AB
A night of good vibes

Odario (!!!) returns to YEG with a new suite of music! Joined by his favourite jazz band, Good Information, and fellow rhymer Just Moe.

Schedule of performances
9:00 Just Moe
10:00 Good Information
11:00 Odario


Fresh off recording their debut album, Good Information returns with a new batch of original music. The band exhibits a sound rooted in jazz that borrows from head-nodding hip-hop loops, soulful neo-soul harmonies and math-rock’s dizzying time signatures. Their brand of “jazz with a beat-aesthetic shines through improvisational interplay woven over minimalist structures; one moment they’re a groove-making machine, the next, a blur of collective improvisation. Good Information maintains the traditional elements of small-combo jazz, leaving room for the music to bend and take shape in the moment as they react to each other.

Odario (Garfield) Williams is a voice, a soothing set of frequencies, sometimes delicately spoken into the pop filter of a CBC microphone, allowing the proximity effect to fill your ears with the low register of the Guyanese-born, Winnipeg-raised raconteur’s scintillating afterdark program, or otherwise expounded to the back of the room as part of one of his bombastic hip-hop performances. Odario got his start in wintrous Winnipeg, rapping in the pop and dub influenced ensemble Mood Ruff, which received much acclaim from Much Music and CBC Radio 3 in the mid ‘00s, but whose website now redirects to a Chinese industrial glue brand. As Grand Analog, Odario became the sole frontman, moving deeper into rock and soul to carry his tongue-in-cheek socio-political commentary through the ‘10s, garning several western Canadian music award nominations.

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