Downtown Dining Week



A Recipe for Recovery

November 9, 2020
You did it Edmonton! You made every meal count.

We’re thankful for the generous support you have shown the Downtown hospitality industry during Downtown Dining Week. These past 12-days have truly made a difference to our restaurant community who have been struggling to survive these past few months.

We’re so thankful that we are extending Downtown Dining Week one more week until Sunday, November 15. More than 30 restaurants will continue to offer dine-in, take-out and/or curbside of their Downtown Dining Week multi-course menus – lunch/brunch $20 and $35/$50 for dinner. Check online to see which restaurants are still participating. 

Thank you for getting out and supporting our Downtown businesses!


October 16, 2020

For more than 20 years, the DBA has worked tirelessly to put Downtown on the map as Edmonton’s premier dining destination and Edmontonians have been on this amazing journey step by step.

Having spent months discussing options on how to support the Downtown restaurant community, we are beyond delighted to relaunch Downtown Dining Week this fall. This will be the most important year ever for the success of this annual dining celebration. Most of our participating restaurateurs run small owner-operated restaurants hit hard by the pandemic that really could use your support and love after several difficult months.

We know that Downtown Dining Week can make a positive impact on our community and get our restaurants back to where they need to be. We know that Downtown Dining Week can reignite hope in Downtown’s hospitality scene. We know that this can be one ingredient in our recipe for recovery.

As always, we want Downtown Dining Week to be a platform to showcase the best of Edmonton’s dining scene, but this year there will be a strong focus on dining safely. Participating restaurants will strictly adhere to AHS guidelines for restaurants and bars, as they have been doing since reopening. Each restaurant will receive a safety kit that includes extra hand sanitizer for guests, masks for servers and signage for their establishments. We’ll also be providing QR codes for restaurants to reduce the use of menus used by patrons. As an added measure, select restaurants will be offering curbside so diners are encourage to contact restaurants individually to see if curbside is available. 

We have all come together in unanimous support of these steps and we’re all working hard behind the scenes to program a safe dining week. We thank you for your continued support and we hope to see you dining in our Downtown restaurants soon.